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It's Thursday (which is now what's-the-opposite-of-abbreviated in my head to "Might as well be Monday when it's Thursday if it's Thursday without you"). Karen's up in the city, doing her grand jury thing in her courtroom (it is actually her courtroom; I love this).

Me, I am planning to keep busy. Thuswise:

Finish typing up copy-edits on the gay-superheroes MS for Lethe. [345 comments typed so far, plus uncounted corrections; I reckon a hundred more to go. Probably. It's a good book; it needs care.]

Do laundry, because clean clothes are important.

Load, run and empty dishwasher, because clean dishes are useful.

In the way of making dishes dirty again, make dinner -

Herby saffron jewelled rice, with the butter basil chicken left from Tuesday
Lamby meatballs, with the buttermilk herby sauce also left from Tuesday (might as well put more cilantro in the sauce, as it has some already and there's not going to be any anywhere else, because hullo other people)
Vegetable. People believe they need to eat vegetables. Today I choose to believe that nobody actually likes them, but I'll do them anyway. Can't decide what; will go to store and consider the greenstuff.
Figs! (possibly baked or steamed as a starter, w/cheese and prosciutto - or possibly not; these are the sort of plans that end up abandoned by the side of the road)

Drink heavily and type some more, because the typing never ends. Period.
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