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So I have this newsletter, this very occasional newsletter. You can sign up for it on the front page of my website (just scroll down to "Join the mailing list" and fill in the terribly easy form, trying not to chuckle too hard where it speaks of "regular mailings"; I promise, they are anything but regular).

But it struck me suddenly, there is no reason not to share their contents here also (unless someone out there can provide me a reason? I certainly can't think of one). And so, without further ado, here's the text of the newsletter that went out today:

Urgent and immediate news: free books! Help yourselves! Those splendid people at Book View Cafe have put their heads together with InstaFreebie to construct a giveaway (which, yes, includes my own “Rotten Row” - actual science fiction, and a sort of meditation on art and identity). Just follow this link and help yourselves, to up to a dozen titles.

In news of ongoing excitements, my Patreon page is bigger, broader and more all-encompassing than it used to be. It started as a fairly specialised niche project, to enable me to write English boarding-school stories on Old Mars. Those of course are ongoing - the first novel, “Three Twins at the Crater School”, is completed, and the second, “Dust-Up at the Crater School”, is begun - but it was gently suggested to me that I could use this also as a vehicle to bring old books of mine back into print. So I’m posting my first epic fantasy series, The Books of Outremer, at the rate of a couple of chapters a month, as I clean up the text, and will make them available as e-books as soon as each is done.

I’ve a story - oh, all right, I have the lead story - in a forthcoming science fiction anthology, “Adam’s Ladder”, co-edited by Darren Speegle and Michael Bailey, published by Dark Regions Press. You can see the full Table of Contents here.

I also have a story coming in Strange California, edited by Jaym Gates and J Daniel Batt, published by Falstaff Books. This may have the prettiest website of any book I’ve ever been involved with. (Also it's my first California-based story, after five years of living here.)

Aaaand I've a story in “Clockwork Cairo”, an anthology of steampunk Egyptian tales, edited by Matthew Bright and published by Twopenny Books. That's coming out on May 28th, which is real soon now.

What else? I am writing more stories, of course more stories, there are always stories; and I am trying to finish some half-done things, if only to have the decks clear for more things to get started, because there is always new stuff. Actually there is always more stuff than a man can manage to write in one mere lifetime, even if he didn’t spend half his time in the kitchen. (Oh, that reminds me - something else that happens on the Patreon page. Recipes! Technically from the Crater School cook, Mrs Bailey. It seems not at all unlikely that my first published cookbook will be from Mars...)
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