Apr. 2nd, 2016

Tidying up

Apr. 2nd, 2016 06:04 pm
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It can't actually be the loveliest, but one of the lovely things about making chicken curry is that most recipes call for removal of the skin; which means that you're left with lots of lovely chicken skin in the fridge, begging to be crisped up into salty nibbly snacks...


...And of course baking and eating these is a virtue, as it avoids both waste and storage options. Eating is tidying, people; I have always said so.

In recognition of which, we shall be eating all Thursday's leftovers for dinner tonight. And drinking up lots of cluttery bottles of wine, also. We're practically glowing with goodness and the right.

Also, I have done good and useful things all day, including apologising to all my Patreon subscribers, because the Crater School project has fallen behind. I knew it would, if I didn't get ahead of myself last month. Those two weeks in England were filled with good intentions and poor achievement; I would blame the virus, but honestly, it's mostly just me. I left undone those things I ought to have done, and I'm now two chapters and a quarter-story short. But I'm tackling that - one chapter done, a second started - and I have tried to mollify my subscribers by posting the whole story-so-far in epub and mobi formats. That's the first half of the first book, more or less. If you wanted to see what I'm up to over there, here's the link that will take you.

And I'm trying to relaunch my newsletter, because hullo. If you felt like subscribing to that, there's a sign-up on the front page of my website, and this is the link that will take you there.

And I'm copyedit/proofreading a new Book View Cafe anthology, a collection of essays with the clearly ironic title The Usual Path to Publication, and I need to type up my notes & queries about that, so yay for not having to cook tonight, because leftovers...


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