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You all know how very much I hate waiting in for things. Even when they're not my things. We're getting new computer kit, and Karen's i-stuff is due to be delivered today. It was put on the truck in Sunnyvale at 5.16am, and we're still waiting.

I find it really hard to multitask, when one of the tasks is waiting. Apart from writing stroppy emails to British Gas, I wasn't getting much done at the computer. So I hightailed it to the kitchen, and made lunch.

Arugula, in a lemon dressing. (Note to self: I need a local source for white balsamic, yes I do.)
Homemade bacon, fried crisp.
Parmesan crostini.
Asparagus, simmered for just two minutes till tender-crisp.
Eggs, slipped into the asparagus-water to poach until perfect.
Assemble on plates, feed wife and self.

Note to the internets: why do people make such a fuss about poaching eggs? I was put off the attempt of it for years, by reading how you needed to put vinegar in the water, or swirl the water before the egg went in, or simmer-for-a-minute-and-let-stand-for-ten, or or or - all with the implication that if you don't do it this way somehow everything will be terrible and wrong. It's really not that complicated, people. I break eggs into lightly simmering water, and leave them for three minutes, and there you are: done. The fresher the eggs, the better the result - really old eggs will smear their whites all around the pan - but these were bought in the supermarket several days ago, so there's no need to be neurotic about that either.

Now I have cooked lunch and eaten lunch and cleaned up after, and there is still no Apple for teacher. I'm going back to twitching by an open window. That's always profitable.


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