May. 15th, 2016

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Yesterday, you will recall that nothing worked.

Today is better than that. Indeed, I started - before coffee! - by defeating a bug in the new iteration of Ubuntu. It was very weird last night; I set up my email client of choice (Thunderbird, since you ask) and found that I couldn't delete anything from the inbox. Not from the keyboard, not by dragging it to the Trash file, not nohow.

Still the same this morning, so I did that thing we do, we modern folks: I went to Google and said "I can't delete anything from Thunderbird". And lo: this is a known bug, caused by a corrupted Trash file. The solution is to delete the Trash file by doing this and this, and then rebuild it using such-and-such. So I deleted it by doing this and this, and then rebuilt it using such-and-such. And lo: today is a day when things do work. And I felt the righteous joy of one who has mastered his foe. King of the lab.

And then we went to brunch at David & Becky's new house, which is kinda lovely, actually; and now we are home again, and Karen is the one who will be writing all afternoon to meet an evening deadline. Me, I have just reminded myself how to find all my emails on the old installation and transfer them to the new one; and again I have done it and it worked, so go me.

Contrariwise and on the other hand, right now I am finding that the resolution on this screen is making my eyes go weird. I am in hopes that I will get used to this, in time, because it ain't tenable long-term. I'm not even sure it's tenable short-term. We'll see. (If I stop seeing, then I guess we'll know.) There are fallback positions, and I don't have to get this worked up about it.

Also, I can spend more time in the garden. That would be a good.


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