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Bless me, internets, for I have skimped; it has been two days since my last KD entry. I neglected entirely to tell you about feeding the yogis on Monday night, how I made saag gosht without the saag and actually probably not gosht either because not lamb, and how I had to make another curry because of apricots, and...

Let me try this-all in another order.

Jeannie brought me apricots. I was going to make an apricot cake, only I lacked ground almonds which they call almond flour over here, and there was none in the store, and I probably couldn't be bothered to grind my own because I have done that and it's a pain. So then I had apricots loose in my head as I mulched around the store; but I had already picked up beef for dinner, so it was too late to go the lamb-and-apricot route. But chicken-and-apricot is also good, and I could pick up a tin of coconut milk and make a Thai-like curry to go alongside the beef-and-spinach that I intended.

Only when I got home I had forgotten the spinach; but I still had a lot of green coriander/cilantro, and I have a Lost Recipe in my head, from a book that seems to have vanished utterly from human ken and/or my library. It was an Indian green curry, where the green came entirely from herbs; I suspect it was lamb/cilantro/mint, but I may never know. Every now and then, I try to recreate it from first principles. So I made a beef curry with lots of cilantro, and a chicken curry with coconut and apricots - and if anyone has the trick of cooking things in coconut milk without the oil separating out, do please share it, because I surely do not have it, no.

Last night Karen and I ate leftovers, viz the beef-and-sweet-potato tagine with a warm red cabbage salad that I really rather liked, and sesame-roasted potatoes that we both adored. Tonight Dave and Katherine are here, and I'm going to make a big bowl of rice and we'll just eat everything else that's left over in the fridge, with dollops of pickle and chutney and sour cream and harissa and whatever. Yum. And then we will have cleaned out the fridge too, which is an act of virtue.

In other food-related newses, my Hobart KitchenAid vintage mixer has left Arizona and is currently in LA. I do love tracking. Even though it gives me yet more opportunities to twitch: it's been sitting there in the Bell Gardens depot for 25 hours! Exactly! What are they doing? Why isn't it moving? Do they have no trucks, planes, personnel...?
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You do what you can, with what you've got.

I appear to have invented the curried stuffed marrow, with sag aloo on the side.

It's very good.
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I know damn well that there is a bottle of mustard oil in this house. Which is why I did not buy mustard oil this morning, when I bought urad dhal and other necessaries; similarly why I did not buy mustard oil when I bought a papaya this afternoon.

However? I am having doubts about my damn fine knowledge. I cannot find the mustard oil, tho' I have searched everywhere and many times. It is not actually impossible that I used it all, to make a pickle. I am profligate that way.

Anyway: the dhal that needs it cannot have it, as I am not going out again today. I will get a bottle tomorrow, and add a little to the leftovers to see what a difference it makes. For reference: the addition of papaya to the mutton curry? Sensational. It was good before; now it is fabulous. I may have to make another one, though, as I still have half a papaya.
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I may have mentioned it before, my habit of cooking curries sequentially: yesterday the core, the mutton curry; today the dhal, with leftovers; tomorrow the vegetable curry, with leftovers of leftovers. It's a sort of crop-rotation system: I could feed the same guest every day and he'd never quite have the same meal twice.

Today, the dhal. I like dhal. I have tried many recipes, and liked most of them; and my spectacular disorganisation sense of adventure means that pretty much every time I make it, I'm trying yet one more.

Today's recipe? Has prunes in it. Prunes. I'm presuming that the original demanded obscure dried Afghani plums, but this version wants prunes.

O-kay. I'll try anything. Once...


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