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It is evident that I really have no feel for social media. Picking up on what I shoulda done before, then: what's your favourite chef's perk? What mouthful do you snatch before it leaves the kitchen, what little pleasure do you reserve for yourself (like the parson's nose) or cook for yourself (like the liver)?
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So I was just standing in the kitchen frying off the duck's liver from last night in a little peppery olive oil, then setting it to rest for a minute while I tossed half a slice of sourdough in the juices; and I thought, "Y'know, I could write a whole book on chef's perks, those little treats and savours that stay in the kitchen because, hey, we've earned 'em..."

And I didn't really think I was serious until I found myself coming back to the study to check Amazon, and no, nobody's done it yet. There doesn't even seem to be a blog called Chef's Perks. (People, really: what have you been thinking?)

No, no: obviously it wouldn't all be about the little titbits. A discussion of duck liver on fried bread would lead into offal generally, and meals to share (if your guests can stomach 'em; and how to pick what stands a better chance of being stomached - sweetbreads! neither sweet nor bread! but you never need to mention glands - and so on and so forth) - but the perk would be a place to start. A place to start each chapter, now that I'm thinking about it at all seriously. A way into talking about things that delight me, and how to stretch that delight out of the kitchen onto the dining-room table.

And also of course a way to ease my conscience over all these yummy treats that I'm sneaking into my mouth when Karen's not looking. So far I've been consoling myself with the the thought that she really wouldn't like them anyway, but that only goes so far. If I can call it research, then hey, the world's my oyster...

(Speaking of which, chicken oysters! Totally a chef's perk. Like the parson's nose, except that the oysters you can just peel off and swallow while you're breaking down the carcase; the parson's nose I like to put back into the oven for twenty minutes to crisp up. Along with any leftover skin: chicken scratchings, absolutely another perk. The list goes on and on...)


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