May. 13th, 2016

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So for a little while now I have had a book on the back burner, which means in the back of my head for the most part; up front there is really only half a chapter, a twist and a feeling. Also it is quite blatantly Iain (M) Banks fanfic. I do not apologise for this, neither resile from it; I don't believe that Iain would have cared, and I just wanna. Sometime, I'll just take some time and write the thing and show it to people and see.

Not right now, I have other stuff to do and this is not the time. Except that it dawned on me this morning when I was doing entirely other things that I really want to call it OVERSIGHT. Which, again, because I wanna and at this stage I can. It's not punchy, as titles go; but I always did like puns and double meanings, and when those two familiar meanings address two major themes within the work (and possibly three: I did say there's a twist), then hell yes.

Besides which, I really dislike writing without a title in situ - or you could put that the other way and say I always do like writing to a title, so that it gets embedded in the text, like words running all the way through the rock. Makes it much more likely that a thing will actually get written, once I know what to call it.


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