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Okay, 'fess up: who knew that you could fry a slice of turkey-and-pork terrine?

What's that you say, you all knew...?

Well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

It's my six o'clock nibbles phase. For those still curious from yesterday, salted grapes are - as described, really: grapes dried to raisins and then lightly salted, either by washing in brine (my supposition) or otherwise. I like.

But I was out of saucisson sec, and seeking an alternative; and there is still terrine, but I wanted something warm, and wondered what that might be like fried, and - well, no sooner wondered than achieved, really. On the back of a day where I have made mayonnaise and bottled confit of pigs' cheeks (and am looking forward hugely to a repeat of yesterday's risotto of chicken and sugar-snaps with peashoots, which was gorgeous), frying a slice of terrine is a mere snip.

Warmth brings out the flavours more, of course, which might have been a problem if I had spiced it highly in anticipation of eating it cold, but as it happens, not really. 'Tis yummy. Yay.

Just, I am plagued with furry things. Furry demanding things. It would be an act of weakness to fry them a slice too, wouldn't it? And, of course, ultimately self-defeating. They have no notion of equal shares being fair shares, or anything like that...

(In other news: I am supposed to spend parts of every day lying on the floor on a spine-stretching device. This is ... difficult with a small furry trying to eat your feet.)


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