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I've wanted Purple Citrus and Sweet Perfume by Silvena Rowe ever since it came out in the UK, a couple of years back. It's my ideal cookbook: lovely to look at, full of flavourful and interesting recipes and my favourite ways to eat.

I finally bought a copy a month ago in Santa Cruz, yay. And have been fondling it gently ever since, and not actually, y'know, cooking out of it. Certainly I hadn't planned to use it today. I was going to be busy today; we'd eat leftovers.

Only then it got mentioned in a comment, and then I remembered that Karen was going to yoga tonight after work with some friends (not me! I am resisting manfully: I might love being superfluid with my ankles tucked behind my ears, but I would hate the process of getting there, and it's all about the process, so), and I thought, "Hummus. Hummus is healthy. I shall make her hummus." And I opened the Rowe and yup, she has a recipe for hummus; and of course hummus is lovely but it doth not a dinner make, so I browsed the salads, and found a recipe for shrimp with an avocado/tahini sauce, and we have avocadi and you can't make hummus without tahini, so...

So yeah, there will be shrimps and salad and sauces and hummus and toast. I didn't quite have time to sort out a recipe for pita bread. But I did send her off to yoga with a big tub of hummus for our friends. I love this thing where you can give food away, and people are pleased rather than offended. It means I can carry on over-catering without a qualm.


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